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I’ve mentioned the book Who is This Man? by John Ortberg before, and I’ll probably keep mentioning it, because it has me falling for Jesus.

I’ve heard people speak like this before, and to be honest, I’m not much one to fall for anything. I’m generally dubious at best, but this book… this Jesus…

Let me start by saying that I was raised Catholic. Catholic school, Catholic Sundays. I heard it, I got it, I attached myself to it. But until I went more E-free, I never understood the personal relationship, and personal ownership, inside Christianity. Even with that being said, until I read this book and learned more about Jesus – what it truly meant to be him inside the society of that time, and what kind of influence he’s had since – I think I’d been missing a piece of. . . something.

Because now I’m falling for Him in a different way. Like a follower would.

And again I’ll say, I am not much a proponent of following anything. I would be the first person to not drink the kool-aid. Perhaps I pride myself on that, even. But this time, I get it. Christ-follower is a term our pastor uses a lot, and I identified with that. But until I read more about Jesus, and his “unpredictable, inescapable” impact, I may have thought I was in 100%, but it had only been intellectual.

Now I’m in with my heart.

Before He was just God – I know, the “just” is kind of hilarious, but hear me out. He was just out there, above us, this huge deal. Just meaning He’s hard to touch, to reach, even inside the personal relationship. He has His place and, though ever-reaching and all-powerful, in my mind He was just . . . wherever it is He is. He was/is set apart (holy). Just implies, perhaps, that I don’t feel Him close to me.

The point is, now He has a face, a reality to me as a person on this earth, in a different way, in a way I can really see and understand.

This was the whole point and I’d been missing it all along: Jesus gave God a face, that we could see, relate to, and grasp. He is something we can grasp and understand in our way, because God is not something we can grasp or understand. He’s too big for that. But He gave us Jesus, put Him here, made Himself small, so we could see it. See Him.

This book was my window into that understanding. Because reading a book that puts His life in context the way this one does, made him more human to me. In the Bible, it’s hard not to see Jesus as God – it’s hard for any of those people in the Bible to not end up bigger than life, even though they were, at one point, small as life. Anyway, for whatever reason, this book allows me to picture Him on earth, as a human, and what He’d be like today, if He showed up. It helps me relate, and it has me falling.

If you think I need to put my kool-aid cup down and join you back in reality, then you need to read this book. Read it, and if you still think I need to get off the juice, then fine. But first read this book, believer or not. Jesus is a historical figure that changed SO. MANY. things for us. So many. You have no idea. Unless you’ve read this book.

Is there a book you feel this way about? That changed everything or clicked it all into place?


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