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It hit me one day that the Garden of Eden could be a metaphor for our souls. God created, organized, and beautified it, then handed it over to us to care for. Yet we chose the fruit, the things within our reach, the outward. Thus we are now overcome, struggling with the weeds.

(I also think Noah’s rainbow is a metaphor for grace – multifaceted, unending, beyond our comprehension, and coming after a storm has washed things clean. <Grace being the rainbow, coming after the storm of Jesus on a cross, which has washed us clean>.)

In our life and in our soul, there will be fruit and flowers and weeds, times of drought and times of plenty, toil and even renewal, just as there is in a garden. It is cyclical. Life is cyclical. We are cyclical. In it all, God is balm to the chaos. Or He can be, if you let Him.

I’m also hit by the seventh day, which was meant for resting – pausing, reassessing, recharging, and wiping the slate clean. Did you know the Jews had instructions to do this not just on a small scale every seven days, but also on a large scale every seven years? Debts were forgiven, slaves were freed, all was to be reset, every seven years. This is beautiful, I think. Mind-blowing. We need this – it’s good for us – we need to pause, reassess, and reset.



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