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Know what Jesus said a lot?

Your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be free of your struggle.

Yah, I know, that sounds like Him. And sure, I’d heard it a million times and pretty much knew all the pieces already, but for some reason the chips fell into the machine in all the right places the other day. This was His message, in a nutshell. And really, he was saying it all the time. He was saying it all the time.

1. It is on our faith, and our faith alone, that we are healed.

Not on what we do. Not on our good acts. Not on how little we sin. This is because of grace, which is like mercy—a clemency, a pardon. And faith is belief that is not based on proof. It’s a leap, I’ll give you that. But if it weren’t, it wouldn’t be faith. (If you don’t want it to be such a blind leap though, check out The Case for Christ by Lee Strobel).

2.We are to go in peace. This is a directive.

Not go in hatred. Not go in bitterness. Not go in judgment. Instead, go in peace.

Our faith has healed us, now what? Now we spread the word, now we serve others, now we what? Sure, that’s good too. But right here it says to go in peace.

Go in peace, even when you run into someone you don’t particularly like, someone who doesn’t agree with you, or someone who is downright not peaceful toward you, and hopefully all that peace will spill over into your healed soul.

A healed, peaceful soul? Sounds kind of fantastic.

3. He is giving us permission to be free of our struggle.

What’s left? Giving ourselves permission to be free of it.

Yah, sneaky, that one, right? I believe God wishes for us that we don’t struggle. Yes, the world is broken and no, our lives will never be perfect, but I believe He wants us to lean on Him, to let go of the things that bind us, because often we cling tight to them, use them as a crutch, even while we’re hating on them. Why? Maybe because in their familiarity we find some distorted sense of comfort. You have been wounded, you have been hurt, but He wants you to let go and let Him, let Him heal you, let Him make it not matter.



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